5 Shoes To Wear With Kilt

shoes to wear with kilt

You have a highland dress then you will be confused to find shoes to wear with kilt. This outfit is often wearing by Scottish people who live in mountainous areas, but nowadays many modern people make the kilt a trendy fashion style. There are many choices of shoes to accompany your kilt depending on the needs on a particular occasion. Kilt used to wear by certain people in the interior of Scotland, but now many people in big cities in Europe and America are interested in their daily activities. Read on for this article to find answers to kilt-matching shoes.

5 Shoes To Wear With Kilt

ghillie brogues

shoes to wear with kilt
Brogues Shoes

The first time the shoes were worn by the Scots was a pair of brogues to accompany the kilt. Brogues shoes are suitable for use for important matters such as important meetings, weddings, and meeting special people. This style is mostly adopted by smart people who look neat and formal. Don’t forget to wear long socks to get the impression of your kilt. You can try brogues with various colors to suit your taste to make it more charismatic.

wearing a kilt everyday

shoes to wear with kilt
Ghillie Brogues

Wearing a kilt at night I advise you to wear ghillie brogues which have long straps that you can twist around the ankles. If the rope is not too important you can replace it with a short rope according to your wishes. The shoes have two colors, namely brown and black which will add a dashing feel. Events at night will require clothes that are a little bright to look, therefore you can wear long white socks for maximum appearance.

casual kilt footwear

shoes to wear with kilt
Buckle Shoes

Are you visiting the city wearing a kilt to walk around or hang out? You can wear buckle shoes for any casual style you want. Besides that, patterned socks are another outfit that you should wear because they fit perfectly with buckle shoes. These shoes are lighter and easier to wear for a lot of moving activities. Try a new experience with this cute and funny buckle because it has a slim shape.

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ghillie brogues boots

shoes to wear with kilt
Ghillie Boots

These boots have more holes for air circulation because these shoes are often wearing in mountainous areas that have cold temperatures and are good for accompanying your kilt. You will get a natural and elegant look when you wear these shoes. The boots have good quality and are strong because most of them are from deerskin to provide comfort and softness to the feet.

what to wear under a kilt

shoes to wear with kilt
Oxford Shoes

The spring comes, oxford shoes are the right choice to combine with a kilt. I suggest adding a leather jacket, glasses, and leather belt for maximum style. You look cooler when wearing oxfords for casual activities because these shoes are simple and make your feet less pinched. A closet can add the oxford shoes to add a collection that matches the kilt. Many of the largest shoe stores sell oxford shoes.

Conclusion: Don’t be confused about choosing the right shoes for kilts because kilt clothing is not clothing that is identical to certain groups but general clothing. Make the choice according to your needs in order to get maximum results and comfort.

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