6 Best Shoes To Wear With Ankle Brace

shoes to wear with ankle brace

When you have an ankle injury and need a recovery process, Thinking about what shoes to wear with ankle brace that is safe and comfortable for your feet. However, the ankle brace itself has various types of models that do not fit the shoe and are difficult to fit into the shoe. Therefore, you must adjust and know what type of shoe is suitable for the ankle brace you are wearing to recover from a foot injury. You have to be careful in this case because if you choose the wrong shoes it will slow down the healing process. Don’t worry, I will give you some options that are very beneficial for your foot health.

The Best Shoes To Wear With Ankle Brace

shoes for adults to wont with braces

shoes to wear with ankle brace

Sneakers are indeed very cool and are in great demand by people. But sneakers are often worn for casual activities or outings and are flexible for events. Sneakers can also be worn by the elderly who need comfort for the ankles due to age and decreased bone health. When the elderly use an ankle brace, sneakers are the right option to wear with the ankle brace because they will make it easier to use and light to move. There are many brands of sneakers that are suitable for your ankle braces such as Nike, New Balance, and Adidas.

ankle brace wont fit in shoe

shoes to wear with ankle brace
Velcro Shoes

Velcro shoes also work well with an ankle brace. You can do sports easily when wearing Velcro because it has a strong hook and loop closure without using a strap, so these shoes will feel warm to wear and look cool. You will have no trouble tying your shoelaces which will take some time. Try this option to change your lifestyle but still be safe for foot health. These shoes are very elastic and flexible to follow the shape of your foot. Most young children and nurses wear velcro but actually velcro can be used to accompany the ankle brace.

shoes to wear with afo braces

shoes to wear with ankle brace
Hi-tops Shoes

When you have problems with your feet and use ankle braces, but you still want to look stylish, I recommend wearing Hi-tops. These shoes look like boots that are comfortable to wear to cover your ankle brace because they have straps that can hide the brace. The hi-tops have a zip on each side with a soft leather material that protects the ankle and a removable sole to help with foot problems. These shoes are perfect for women who want to look elegant while recovering from a foot injury.

ankle brace that fits in shoe

shoes to wear with ankle brace
Senteq Ankle Brace

In this article, I don’t only suggest shoes, but also the type of ankle brace that is suitable and slim when wearing shoes. When you have ankle problems then you will wear a brace to recover or protect the ankle. An excellent ankle brace with shoes is Senteq’s Neoprene because it is flexible, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. This type of brace does not have adhesive straps or straps that will interfere with your foot getting into the shoe but is similar to a sock that can easily enter the shoe and can absorb sweat quickly. Neoprene is available in many sizes to suit the feet of people all over the world.

shoes with good arch and ankle support

shoes to wear with ankle brace
Asics Gel Kayano

The Asics brand is a top seller in the sports shoe category. Asics Gel Kayano is very much needed by women for any sports activities because it can provide ankle support for the stability needed. Kayano Gel type has a very good GEL cushion and the best material, the gel can withstand the shock of your movement so it is safe for the ankles. Your movement will bounce slightly resulting from the Flytefoam midsole technology, so every movement of these shoes will return to their original shape. This type is perfect for those of you who like to exercise and stay safe on the ankles. Although Kayano shoes often wear for running, these shoes are also very comfortable for other sports such as the gym, gymnastics, and just a light walk. These shoes are produced with various types of models and sizes that you can choose according to your wishes.

basketball shoes to wear with ankle brace

shoes to wear with ankle brace
Nike NBK Air Precision

For you who like to play basketball, you will need shoes that are good and comfortable for the ankles. The choice is The Nike Air precision NBK basketball shoe which has a soft collar and is soft at the ankle for comfort when playing basketball. Nike air precision not only provides comfort but also looks stylish so it can wear for casual. The Nike NBK sole has an air unit to support your movement when jumping or landing hard so it will remain safe for your feet. This option is good shoes to wear with an ankle brace.

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Conclusion: You can determine the choice of shoes that are suitable and comfortable to wear when using an ankle brace. Choose correctly in order to get maximum results and stay safe for your feet. The ankle is prone to injury when you do sports activities, so the ankle brace can help the healing process quickly. Shoes will also have an effect on the healing process of foot problems, so be careful to choose shoes for the ankle brace.

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