What Color Shoes To Wear With Gold Dress 2021

what color shoes to wear with gold dress

When you commit to wearing gold dress. So, you have to think about what color shoes to wear with gold dress. Parties or important events at night are indeed very suitable to wear sparkling clothes to blend with the light. There are many colors of shoes that you can wear for an evening party, but only a few can accompany a gold dress for style. Gold dresses are rarely worn for casual activities because they have a luxurious and respectable feel, so they are suitable for attending important and serious occasions. This fashion style is indeed synonymous with the upper class that emphasizes glamor. Read on for this article to find the right shoe color for a gold dress to get the most out of it.

6 Best Color Shoes To Wear With Gold Dress

what color shoes to wear with a golden yellow dress

what color shoes to wear with gold dress
Silver Shoes

Clothing with a metallic theme does require a special partner. If you are cursing a gold dress at an evening party then you can wear silver shoes to make a great pair. Feel the glow of the light on your body when you enter the event with the sparkling lights shining, and reflecting on your clothes and footwear. Wearing silver shoes is a good one to go to a fancy party at night, your body will look clad in precious metal which is very bright and looks elegant.

what color shoes goes with rose gold dress

what color shoes to wear with gold dress
White Shoes

You can find an attractive appearance with white shoes, which you pair with a gold dress. Many shoe brands produce white shoes with various types of models and you can wear almost any model with the condition of heels. If you want to look simple with white shoes, you can wear plain white shoes without any scratches to be a pair of gold dresses that look elegant. Don’t worry if the shoes lose color with the dress, white shoes can reflect light from the lights so they look shiny. These shoes can give you confidence when attending a wedding at night.

what color dress matches with gold shoes

what color shoes to wear with gold dress
Gold Heels

Metallic nuanced shoes that can give you satisfaction when you wear a gold dress are gold shoes. Shoes that are the same color as the dress can give a glowing appearance. Make sure you choose gold heels to make them look sexy and charming. Golden can give a feel of goodness for you and those around you due to the shimmer of a very sparkling light reflection.

shoes for rose gold dress

what color shoes to wear with gold dress
Nude Heels

To find shoes that are safe on your skin tone, I suggest choosing nude shoes that can accompany a gold dress. Nude shoes are very friendly to skin color and gold dresses can give your dress a star feel. This style is very simple and without having a bad effect on the appearance when you wear it to attend a grand party such as a New Year’s event and dinner at a fancy restaurant.

what shoes to wear with metallic dress

what color shoes to wear with gold dress
Red Heels

In order for the footwear to stand out when paired with a gold dress, then you can choose a pair of red heels that are very fresh and bold. These shoes work well to pair a very bright gold dress. You will get the beauty of red shoes that look sexy and hot. This style has a sunrise-like style and has its own charm. You can add nice complements like red lipstick and a red purse which can create an extraordinary and stunning style.

rose gold dress with black shoes

what color shoes to wear with gold dress
Black Shoes

Do you have a pair of black shoes? Wear it to accompany a gold dress for the safest look. Black shoes will not spoil the appearance of your gold dress because they can balance the shiny gold color and then combine it with dark gold shoes, so you will get uniqueness. Feel free to combine them for a simple style, but still look elegant and charming when attending a party at night.

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Closing: Make sure you choose the right shoe color to pair with the gold dress in order to create a satisfying and charming fashion style because gold shades can give a touch of luxury and honor if you can choose the right shoe color to pair with a gold dress.

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