What Color Shoes To Wear With Ivory Wedding Dress

what color shoes to wear with ivory wedding dress

What color shoes to wear with ivory wedding dress? When you carry out a wedding you definitely want to look charming and beautiful. But you certainly feel confused to determine the color shoes that match and your dress. Marriage is a sacred thing for everyone, therefore the appearance is very much in the spotlight by those around us. Choose the right shoe color because this is part of a historic appearance in your life. don’t worry. I have a good idea about the color shoes to match with ivory wedding dress.

6 color shoes to wear with ivory wedding dress

1. what colors go with ivory wedding dress

what color shoes to wear with ivory wedding dress
Metallic Shoes

You can choose metallic colors for the bridal shoes such as gold, silver, and brass. This color is very suitable to be paired with a wedding dress that requires a luxurious color. You can also wear metallic after the wedding to welcome guests who are present, they will be amazed by your very glamorous appearance with metallic shoes. Precious metals symbolize luxury things and a desire for everyone to own them. In a wedding photo shoot, the photographer will advise you to wear bright shoe colors to get maximum and elegant results.

2. what goes with ivory dress

what color shoes to wear with ivory wedding dress
Monochromatic Ivory Shoes

Another option is that ivory shoes also go well with the wedding dress. This idea is quite difficult to accept because the dress and shoes have the same color so it will look normal. Feel free to choose this option between ivory shoes and ivory dresses because it can give a natural and more meaningful feel to your sacred event. Shoes with this model are very easy to find in shoe stores anywhere because ivory shoes are very much in demand by prospective brides. I suggest monochromatic ivory shoes so that your appearance at the wedding can be maximal and elegant.

3. what color shoes to wear with white wedding dress

what color shoes to wear with ivory wedding dress
Bold And Bright Shoes

The bright and bold color goes well with the ivory wedding dress. Choose this color for your shoes when paired with an ivory dress because you will look cute and sweet like cotton candy. Invited guests will be amazed to see the color of your shoes is very bright and attractive. The color of these shoes can be pink, royal purple, and light blue. Many brides are confused about the color of their shoes before reading this article, you can find the answer here by choosing this option because the colors above symbolize bold and bright. They will complement the clean ivory dress and the bright shoe color will give a subtle touch.

4. color shoes with ivory dress

what color shoes to wear with ivory wedding dress
Dark Shoes

At an important event, dark shoes are highly recommended because this color looks very formal and serious. The colors consist of Purple, Blue, Red, and Green. Shoes are also part of the symbolism of major ritual events, so I recommend wearing a dark shoe color to pair with an ivory dress. The color of this shoe is very suitable for use in the fall and winter to give a warm feel to the wedding. This idea will be very beautiful and really beautiful to look at.

5. should your shoes match your wedding dress

what color shoes to wear with ivory wedding dress
Patterned Shoes

Patterned shoes have a great character to wear with an ivory wedding dress. You can choose a motif according to your fabric, there are many suggested motifs for wedding shoes such as floral motifs, polka dots, and stripes. For your wedding appearance, I suggest choosing floral motifs, because they have symbols that correspond to sacred events and symbols of beauty. You will look beautiful and unique when wearing patterned shoes at a wedding. Stylish shoes with bright colors and very striking motifs can be the center of attention of the eye.

6. what color shoes to wear with ivory dress

what color shoes to wear with ivory wedding dress
Pastel-Colored Shoes

You can choose pastel or pale colored shoes to accompany your ivory wedding dress. This option is amazing in the world of weddings because pastels have more character than other colors. When you wear pastel color shoes with an ivory wedding dress then you will get romance and tenderness for your sacred appearance. This color gives a bold touch and is not too pale. I often give advice to the bride and groom to choose these shoes so that they can be the shoes of choice at the wedding.

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Closing: You can determine the color of the shoes for the wedding with the ivory dress that you desire. Choose the right shoe color so that your appearance looks optimal at events that are historic in your lifetime.

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