What Shoes To Wear With Wide Leg Pants In Winter

what shoes to wear with wide leg pants

Many people confuse about what shoes to wear with wide leg pants. In the world of fashion, there are many things that need to be considered. The fading fashions and styles of clothing are becoming a trend among women. But sometimes there are many styles of dress in the past that appear in the present. The wide leg is one of the trend pants for women. Would you like a new experience using this style inspired from the 70s? If so, you may be wondering what shoes are best when paired with wide-legged pants.

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5 Best Shoes To Wear With Wide Leg Pants

What type of shoes goes with wide leg pants

Figuring out which shoes to wear with wide-leg pants is the most important thing when you want to try a new experience. I suggest you wear Block heels to add your style. If it’s a confusing style that you’re not used to wearing, you may have some doubts. Don’t worry, I give you the option to try this type of shoe. You will look taller and slimmer when you wear these shoes. You will get an elegant feel when you combine block heels with wide-leg pants.

what shoes to wear with wide leg pants
Block Heels

Usually, the most suitable shoe style combined with wide-leg is a shoe that has a high size. It maintains an elegant sleek look. If you are looking for a modern and fashionable lifestyle, then block heels are the right choice. The chunky style adds an incredible increase in your height and is very comfortable for a lot of movement.

What shoes go best with palazzo pants

Pointed Toe Pump is the option for matching with palazzo pants. This type of pants is not like the skinny jeans that many women are used to, wide-leg pants are not only more forgiving but also more flattering. The tight waist and wide legs create a beautiful hourglass shape and make your legs look longer. What’s not to like about this type of pants? Enjoy a new feel by combining a palazzo with pointed-toe pump shoes. This type of shoe will not cover your entire foot, so air circulation will be felt on the skin of the foot to facilitate blood circulation.

what shoes to wear with wide leg pants
Pointe Toe Pump

Do you enjoy a sleek and classic look? the pointed tip pump is the answer. These shoes are a great fit for pairing with wide-legged pants and are probably the most popular choice among girls. A small dot peeking out from below that makes your display more attractive and looks exotic.

Flat shoes to wear with wide leg pants

Strappy sandals are different from other models of shoes, flats are generally not a good choice to be combined with wide-leg pants. But a pair of strappy sandals, flats, or heels, makes for a stunningly elegant look. Pair a slinky white top and matching pants with strappy nude sandals and gold jewelry for a look of pure luxury and sophistication. Your feet will be more covered by pants because this type of footwear has a flat size with the ground, so you can move lighter without a burden. Sandals are more suitable to be used when relaxing like hanging out with friends or just walking around.

what shoes to wear with wide leg pants
Strappy Sandals

If you’re in doubt about the hem of your pants dragging on the ground, one of the looks we’re seeing a lot these days is pairing sandals with a pair of wide-leg culottes. This creates a very relaxed look. I suggest that you combine sandals with culottes in a clean place so that the ends of your pants are not dirty.

What shoes to wear with wide leg pants in winter

Sleek Boots for the winter. This style might be a little weird when paired with boots and wide-leg pants, considering you can’t see most of the shoes, but trust me, and don’t worry about this one. While walking, peeking out of the beautiful leather boots is undeniably high fashion. These shoes are perfect for winter wear which will provide overall warmth to your feet because these boots cover your entire foot and are weather-resistant.

what shoes to wear with wide leg pants
Sleek Boots

Sneakers with wide leg pants

If you are confused about the right way to use wide leg pants that are adapted to a casual style? Wearing an eye-catching pair of chunky sneakers is a surefire way to go for your casual look, as it creates a great style that looks right off the runway. Sneakers are in great demand by many people because they have a simple style but look luxurious. These shoes can be used anywhere and are very adaptable to all types of clothing. You can use sneakers with socks or without socks according to your taste.

what shoes to wear with wide leg pants
Chunky Sneakers

This type of shoe offers a slight increase in height to your body so it doesn’t look short and shabby. If you can combine these two outfits, you will look more manly and strong.

In today’s world as you can see, finding the perfect shoe to wear with your wide-leg pants may be easier than you think! Overall, when paired with the right shoes, this pant style is a great way to be an asset in your wardrobe for an updated modern feel that will make you instantly feel like a lady’s boss.

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